Going Back to the Beginning, Again!

Once again, I find myself having to pull the rewind cord and kick the old bean into action. So I pulled out one of my favorite thought-provoking books for descriptive writing and drawing.

Lesson one: Stimulate the senses. Go to your local drugstore and ask for external birth control devices.  Hold it!! Oops wrong book! Sorry..do over.

Close your eyes. Have someone pass you a piece of fruit. (Grab one yourself if need be.) Feel it, slowly moving it around your hand and fingers. Smell it. Be brave and take a bite. If you are adventurous, don’t even peel it, if applicable. All the while, as you are doing this, express what your senses are picking up. Write in as much detail as possible what you felt, smelt and dealt.

Next use a piece of plastic film and repeat the sense stimulation. Except for the biting part, naturally.

Next use something that is mushy, squishy and possibly gross. (I used a cold used tea bag.)  Repeat the process. Biting into it is optional. 🙂

Looking back over your notes, did you find any similarities? What words could you interchange for the ones you have written.  Exchange at least five of them.

Finally, write a short story or poem using at least three – quarters of those words.

There it is – challenge number one. Any takers?


My fuit was a grape (sorry Raani!)  described as  smooth, slick, cool, pungent, mildewy, pliable, sweet, tangy

Plastic wrap described as cold, slimy, slippery, plastic scent, squishy, tough and strong.

I chose a used tea bag for the third part and described it as cold, mushy, spongy, strong smell, floral, mint, woodsy, wet, rough.

The five words I have to find synonyms for are:

1) cool/cold – nippy   2)strong – brawny   3) slick/slimy – mucky 4) pungent/woodsy – poignant     5) pliable/mushy – malleable

Quick Story:  The wind sent the nippy air directly to my nostrils, freezing those tiny hairs and sealing the passage. If only there were another way to get back to the van that was stuck in that mucky mess left by yesterdays thaw. My moccasins were caked with the mud frm that malleable muck, making my journey seem endless as I slipped and slid along the way.

I could swear that I saw headlights coming this way, but I think it was just a passing fantasy. Out  of the blackness, a shiny, sleek vehicle slipped past me. No headlights, but it was definately driving by.  I turned slowly, my heart sinking as it cruised past, when the brake lights shone, almost winking back to me. My body followed my head as I cautiously awaited the next moment.

A brawny looking man stepped out of the vehicle, the interior light softly showing his mass. A poignant smell of pot followed the air currents. What was I in for, I wondered. I swallowed hard as he asked what I was doing walking way out here. I explained my dilema. He offered me a ride to the van and said he would help assess the situation. Despite the warning bells that were echoing in my brain, I accepted. It was that or freeze to death and become supper for some varmit.

We hadn’t travelled far when he light up a joint.  He offered me a toke and I refused. I told him I was too cold and that would worsen things for me. No offense was taken. You know, I had confidence in his driving, but I had to ask why he was not using his headlights. Looking for ’em, is what he answered. I don’t know what ’em was, but he said that you can’t miss ’em in the dark. They come at you quickly and then it’s game over.

I was beginning to think that the pot was getting the best of him. Then, off to my left, there was a light. It was fast and it was humming a deafening sound. It swooped up the road and then seemed to stall. Oh, here it comes, the driver said quietly. We’re done for.  It only took a second.

OK it was a corny ending, but it was a flash story. What  can I say?  The next entry will be the second writing enhancement skill. Enjoy your night!




17 comments on “Going Back to the Beginning, Again!

  1. Interesting. I’ve never tried anything like this. Perhaps I should. 🙂


  2. I tried that in the chemist shop the other day, stood next to the shelf, eyes closed and took a small box down. The contents felt rubbery, I chewed it and came to the conclusion it was the worst chewing gum I’d ever eaten:-)
    Now seriously, yes I’ve done that in a writing group and it is amazing how much we take in with our other senses, BTW I’ve given up chewing gum.


    • HA HA HA OMg, Laurie! That is hilarious! Did you ever have someone give you something crappy playing a similar game as a kid?? I both recieved and gave. What was that rubbery substance? Or should I ask?


      • Hmm, have a good think Liz. Prevents pregnancy. About other stuff, while bushwalking with friends years ago, the bloke in the lead was something of a joker. He had a packet of chocolate covered sultanas and was passing them back to the others a few at a time. Luckily I was bringing up the rear and they never reached me. He stooped down and picked up some goat droppings and passed them back with the chocolates. You guessed it third bloke back got it. Big yuck and then the fight broke out:-)


      • lol, I bet that is one time being the tail was a blessing! Gross!


  3. You know… I tried to do that after reading your blog post, Liz… but I have to admit, after ending up biting into an un-peeled banana I gave up on the test…
    The only words in my mind after that experience were something like: bitter, yellow, monkey, disgusting…. voooooomiiiiiiittttt!


  4. Great Job! I was looking for more. Maybe I missed something, because I want to know what happened. That couldn’t be the end. Loved it.


    • I thank you Patti. I know it ended rather abruptley, but I had a time limit on myself. Maybe we can gleen a short story from it?? This is what I like about these exercises. You have to use the noggin’ and stretch yourself a bit, then a bit more.


  5. Dare we ask what book you’re getting these exercises from? They are great ideas.
    I liked the story too, btw. I wanted to know what got them and were they at the “dead end?”


    • Thank you Brenda! Love your pun at the end! lol
      Although the exercises are based from the book “Get Into The Act!” by Brenda Sullivan and Pamela Zimba, I have added my own little twists from snippets of things i have picked up along my journey. This book is geared for grade 4-8, which is why I call the set Going Back To The Beginning and also why I added a few things that are advanced slightly. There is always something that we can learn from elemental teachings.
      Thank you so much for your interest.


  6. I love what you share and i think it would fun to do some of these exercises. I happen to notice you mention “Get Into The Act” and it’s for elementary kids. That sounds right up my alley… LOL


  7. lol, Susan I think it is because we are kids at heart still!


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