Going Back to the Beginning Lesson Three

Today we are challenging the writer side again.

On a sheet of paper,  write a noun, a verb and an emotion.

Part one is to create a fortune cookie saying including these three words.

Part two is to pretend that you are a doctor and write out a prescription or medical advice using the three words.


My choices were:  dog, scratching, crying

Fortune Cookie: He who scratches like dog, will cry when skin is gone.

Dr. Liz says: If your dogs scratching is keeping you awake all night, and makes you feel like crying, sprinkle his bed and/or food with brewers yeast or keep him out of the room.

What did you come up with?


4 comments on “Going Back to the Beginning Lesson Three

  1. Three words: servants, hiding, having fun

    Fortune telling cookie: Servants hiding in the hay having fun doesn’t necessarily mean the cows aren’t fed and milked…

    Dr. Raani says: If your servants indeed have been hiding and having fun you will have to take the girls to me for the prenatal vitamins. 😛


  2. Hum,, I will have to think about this one. I just finished three blog posts so I’m a bit spent. 🙂


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