Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Five

I have jumped to a new study book as the previous one requires partners to complete the lessons.  The next suggestions come from a book titled  “The New Writing With A Purpose” by Joseph F. Trimmer.  This is an interesting book that covers a variety of writing topics.

Today we are looking at how to narrate. Make a list of your earliest memory of writing. Select a memory that had the most powerful effect on you.  Then write the story,  dramatizing the process and explaining what you learned.

Here I go…

While attending Grade Four in a school in St. Boniface, Manitoba, I was persuaded to write caption and illustrate a poster for the Shriner’s Circus. They were to appear in Winnipeg within a month and were accepting applications for posters by young artists, promoting the upcoming show.  I took about two days to rough a copy of what I wanted to express.  I loved big cats and decided to make these animals the headliner for the poster.  So I drew the lion, roaring, in the center and drew two tigers, one on each side with their paws in the air on either side of the lion.  I then circled, as much as possible, because of the paper size, the traditional red center ring around them all. The backgrounds balance  showed shadows of the audience.   I then wrote all the pertinent information about the show dates and amazing acts that would be appearing during the performance .

It took about two weeks after my submission for the word that I was among the chosen artists to be featured that year.  I was ecstatic! This is what got the artistic (drawing and writing)  bug to lay his bedding down in my brain. Although I have had other events that spurred me on, this is one of my favorite memories.


4 comments on “Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Five

  1. How cool is that. I am so glad that happened. 🙂


  2. What a GREAT memory!! Thanks for sharing this with us, Liz!! I love this blog post!! And it’s so wonderfully written too!


  3. Thank you Raani! It is funny how some things come back to you when the right prompts are put in place. Hugs to you!


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