Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Six

OBSERVE – This is a bit of a challenge if you are not in a place to observe anyone that is writing, but stretch your imagination and think of a time when you may have seen someone writing a letter or a draft.

Describe the habits of someone who uses writing to conduct business, not necessarily a professional. Then  describe how writing works outside of a school scenario.

I worked with a gentleman who recorded his dictation for a letter or presentation prior to having it written. He would listen to it for a few hours, revamping it until it was just how he wished it to sound. I noticed that he tried to keep emotion out of it as it cannot be heard in the written word.

While in school, there are a few subjects that students cannot imagine using once they graduate. Do you remember the challenge of some of them? Explaining, painfully, to your parents and the teacher that it was a stupid course, useless! ? I do. Fortunately for me, writing was not one of them. The fundamental stuff like how to arrange the structure  so you kept in proper context was sooo boring, and I do lapse in that aspect of writing. As time went on, I did learn to appreciate what the teachers tapped out on those blackboards. The lessons have served me well over the course of time.

So in their tribute, I post this link to the video To Sir With Love by Lulu .




3 comments on “Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Six

  1. It always seemed to me people around me in school – and even in “regular life” do look so “cramped” writing. They needed to really concentrate and seemed to have a hard time… tongues between their teeth and then go on…
    I never had that… I even caught myself smiling while writing… is that what makes the difference?


    • I can visualize the cramped work spaces, dare I say, of old. The musty smell of the booksand papers half tucked into file folders abound. I think computers have helped out with organizing thoughts, but I do have a designted tray that holds a variety of inspirational tools. I can grab it quickly, if need be, and stash it away from curious hands. You are different, Raani, in a fabulus way. That is why you write with the finesse you do. We love it! Hugs!


      • Thank you so much Liz… for the compliment in YOUR blog – where it should be me complimenting you!!
        You’re such a GREAT writer!! 🙂
        love you – Hugs


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