Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Seven

Compile a list of sales ventures that you have encountered,  such as a door-to-door seller, shopping for that special present, negotiating a bargain.  Select one that raised your expectations.  Then write a narrative that reveals how your experience caused you to revise your expectations.


Recently, I had to invest in a GOOD pair of shoes.  My  foot issues raise havoc and my legs need extra shock absorbing footwear.  I went to a few places that deal with the better shoes.  It was the third one that I visited that surprised me.  Not only did I get old-fashioned care, I also got old-fashioned advise about why the variety of shoes he chose were better.  He took his time and assisted putting the shoe on. He allowed me to walk and bounce and stomp, just short of dancing, to see how they would support my feet.  Once I chose the best fit, he waterproofed them, free, and let me know that once  home, and I walked around on the carpet for a couple of days, I was welcome to return them if they were not satisfactory.

After I paid for the product, he shook my hand and passed me a business card, thanking me once again. I was a very satisfied customer to say the least.  Recommendations?  You bet I will!


2 comments on “Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Seven

  1. Amazing Liz!!! How old was that Guy? About 120??
    I’m really surprised that customer service like this in fact DOES still exist!!


  2. Hello,

    I have given you the Most Influential Blogs 2012. If you’d go to my blog post and have a look at it…


    The rules are very simple and easy to follow.

    Well done!! I think I gave it to the right person and writer!!



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