“F” is for Floss



                                        “F” is for Floss

Miss Jenny woke this morning with her jaw throbbing! Her tooth was really going to town today.  It was time to make the call that she really did dread.  She went to eat some breakfast and have a cup of tea.  Whatever caused the pain was gone now, so maybe she could put it off just a little longer.  As she glanced at the morning paper, the reminder came back once more. That was it!  She opened up the phone book  and looked slowly inside the bright yellow pages. Dentists. There were so many to choose from, but she had one in mind.

Miss Jenny dialed quickly, not wanting to chicken out. The receptionist asked some questions, then set the appointment date. “Tomorrow, then at two o’clock, and please do not be late.” She asked just one more question before hanging up the phone. “Do you floss, Miss Jenny?”

Miss Jenny could not answer that question right away.  She didn’t want to tell her that she threw her floss away.  All she could think was the fact that those containers of loss held a lot of string!

Her mind went back to that stormy day she returned from work. She tried to open the door to get in from the rain.  It kept pushing her back no matter how she struggled. She stuck her hand inside the opening, as far as she could reach. There seemed to be nothing that had fallen against the door that would make it so difficult to open.

Miss Jenny went to the front door, and met with the same challenge! It opened just a little more though allowing her to s-q-u-e-e-z-e through the crack. She tripped and spun and hit the floor. Her foot wrapped up instantly in a ball of thin white string.  She sat there looking, blinking – there was string on EVERYTHING!

It wrapped around the sofa and underneath a chair. It looped up through the lampshade and continued to the kitchen.  She  untied the string around her foot and followed where she could. Unreal! she thought to herself. Where did it come from?

She saw that in the kitchen, it wrapped around the teapot, the coffee pot, the dishes in the sink.  It seemed to go on down the drain, but it must have been the end of the string – she hoped! Miss Jenny walked to the back door and saw why she could not get in. The string had found its way around the broom, that was suspended in the air. It continued around the banister heading up the stairs. Miss Jenny’s jaw was open wide as she crept upwards. How could it be wrapped around so many things?

The string was tough and a little waxy so it was not easy to break. Miss Jenny stopped. Dental floss! She ran to the bathroom and met disaster. The cabinet was opened and contents were everywhere – in the sink, toilet, tub and on the floor.  Miss Jenny stood there fuming!

Whoever did the damage that she came home to, couldn’t really be confirmed.  She has a cat named Alfred, and he is rather bored. He can find things that are under lock and key.  It could be that her pet racoon, Herbert, would help too, mind you. Perhaps Twyla, the parrot,  or Jack, the dog, or Popo the pot-bellied pig worked together. ANIMALS – one, two, three…..she counted.

“Where are you guys?’ she said, speaking each word loud and clear.  She looked in the guest room and in the office too. She walked into her bedroom to find them asleep on her bed.  Her heart melted slowly as she saw them snuggled together. Who would have ever thought this group of misfits would end up like this.

It took close to two hours  to clean up all that mess. She could have explained it to the receptionist who was waiting for a reply, but Miss Jenny decided to tell a small white lie. “Why, yes, I floss each and every day.  I just have to run out and get some more, as it is on my list.”


10 comments on ““F” is for Floss

  1. *chuckle* – Now I feel guilty.
    But I still like your post, Liz!!!


  2. You have such a talent for telling a story, Liz! Loved it and will think of it every time I floss. Thanks so much for your comment about the post about my boy. He was something else!!


  3. LOL Loved it, Liz! Great job, thanks for the smile! xo


  4. At least someone is flossing, and those animals certainly need it. As for lying, the dentist always knows the truth!



  5. I floss, I really do and I’m not lying… LOL. I loved the story and it gave me a good chuckle, a good start for my week. 🙂


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