“I” is for Itsy-Bitsy

“I” is for Itsy-Bitsy

The tale of the old spider,  has been told a million times.  Getting washed out in the rain, as told in nursery rhymes.

The itsy – bitsy bikini, that the lady wore, was a fun tune that people used to dance to on the floor.

When Horton heard the cry for help, it came from a small flower.  The itsy-bitsy little speck with a voice that did overpower.

Itsy-bitsy has more strength, more than a moving train.  For itsy -bitsy didn’t quit, he went up the spout again.



picture courtesy of: http://greennature.com/article2499.html


8 comments on ““I” is for Itsy-Bitsy

  1. Love it, Liz, just love it. Especially the last sentence, itsy-bitsy didn’t quit, he went up to sprout again. That is a powerful message, Lady.


  2. WOW, I love your poem. It was so very well executed my friend. Hugs! 🙂


  3. I admire you for your talent, Liz. (I just don’t like the subject… spiders… they scare me to death!)


  4. This is such a clever poem. I love how in your first line you are saying how overused the nursery rhyme is and then your poem actually takes it out of the norm and creates a fantastic new rhyme using our knowledge of the old version. Amazing!


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