“J” is for Jacamar

“J” is for Jacamar

“Oh! to soar on the wings of a Jacamar and glide from sea to sea.”

I am breaking away from the normal today to talk about the Jacamar. I like birds.  They live between Mexico and Guatemala.  I found out that there were also on the red list of endangered species. They have a unique way about catching their favorite food – butterflies or dragonflies.  There is an audible snap of their beaks when they capture the dinner. They then perch on a branch and pound the insect on it before eating.  Apparently, this aids with the ingestion.  There are a variety of colours that dance on the species. I have included some below for your viewing pleasure.

That’s it for today folks!  Enjoy your day!

purplish jacamar paradise jacamar jacamar


9 comments on ““J” is for Jacamar

  1. Beautiful Liz, such rich colours. Thanks.
    maggie winter


  2. They are awesome. Do I ever tell you I love humming birds? 🙂


    • I think humming birds are amazing birds too! When you think about how tough they are, well, birds period are strong. What they have to do in order to live is inspirational. Going back to hummingbirds, last summer we laughed at a pair that were dogfighting while trying to get to a nectar feeder. They were at it for about twenty minutes. Thanks for stopping by Susan.


    • Thank you Laurie. I had a whole different presentation written up and thought that it was saved. Did not happen!! I really was short of time yesterday and could not redo it. They are pretty. So YOUR next assigment is to showcase birds of Australia!! (Devil’s advocate… sorry!)


      • Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’m trying to showcase them, one by one. it’s those parrots, the really bright red ones are hard to get. You’ll love them when I get a pic.


  3. Yes I do hate that when it happens! I really look forward to your photo log of the feathery friends in your area. Get out there and climb some trees to catch that rascally parrot! 🙂 Hugs!


  4. How cute!! I love birds. And I just learnt about a bird I’ve not paid attention to before! Thanks for teaching me!


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