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What are your thoughts on accountability?

Grace and Candor


Growing up in my neck of the woods, kids learned fast it would go better for them to tell the truth rather than make excuses and blame others. This served me well and in turn when I became a parent I taught my child the same principle.  Admit you did it, you made a mistake, and you will work on correcting it in the future.  Easy, right?  I have found if this value was not instilled in us from a young age it’s not so easy when left to our own devices.

As far back as the beginning of biblical man and woman we have been trying to make excuses and pass the blame.

God: “Hey, Adam, what ya doin with that fruit?”

Adam: “Yo, God, I didn’t want this fruit, that woman you gave me, she made me eat it.”

God: “Hello Eve, what are eating?”

Eve: “Oh…

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One comment on “Excuses

  1. Accountability? It seems to me that every day we see in the world around us people who do not want to be held accountable for their actions. There was this young man who drove a friend’s car home, fell asleep at the wheel and blamed the accident on the young man who owned the car. People today feel “entitled.” Ah, but that should be another post – don’t you think? Hugs and thanks for sharing this! – B


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