“K” is for Knock About

“K” is for Knock About

I live in a small apartment on a medium block, in a large suburb of a big city in a huge province in the humongous country of Canada. I go  to a big school, with medium hallways and small rooms.  I have a small desk in a medium aisle and face a big blackboard.  Our teacher is a loud voiced man, with a big desk and a small computer that stores all of our assignments.

Our class is studying the world right now.  We have watched movies and clips and slide shows.  We have opened and closed more books than I think I will ever do for the rest of my life! If there is one thing I have learned, it is that I want to knock about the world.

I haven’t told my mother yet, I think that she would cry.  I haven’t told my father yet, he wants me to become a politician.  I haven’t told my brother yet,  he would just laugh in my face and punch me in the arm. (I hate that!)  So I think I will just keep it to myself until I pack my bags.

I think I’ll start with Scotland. I’ll raise sheep for a while and help with the harvest.  When the fog gets too thick, I’ll knock about the Netherlands.  When I’ve helped ship the last of the flower bulbs, I know my mom will buy, I’ll pack my bags for Japan. I’ll help rebuild houses that were knocked down from disasters.  When the blisters on my hands are too bad, I’ll stop for a while and go to Africa.

I think that I will stay here to help dig water wells. We’d use the oxen and turnstile to help penetrate the earth.  Once the water flowed for many villages, I would have to move along.  There is stuff to do in South America. The mountain peaks are filled with snow and travel would be hard.  The friends I would make would offer their burros to help carry the supplies I need.  Medicines and flowers and hebs, warm clothing too.  I could help them get through the winter, because I know winters!

I’d start anew the next year and knock about China, then on to the mountains of Afghanistan and the valleys of India.  There are so places I have to go; Sweden, Iceland and Spain, Dominca, Portugal and the Ukraine. My head is spinning, so now I will stop.

For now, I am me, just knocking about my little apartment, on this medium block of this large suburb of the big city in the huge province in Canada.  However…my bags are packed!

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16 comments on ““K” is for Knock About

  1. Knock on Liz, a good one. 🙂


  2. Well done, Liz! Humorous and serious at once. I loved it!


  3. Liked that, I’d love to just go off around the world.
    maggie winter


  4. Guess what? You just told the fam. Have a great trip.



  5. Don’t forget Germany or maybe I’ll be in Italy. You have just got to knock about there too! I am still laughing with a heart full of positive humor because that was the way I thought when I was thirteen. I just wanted to knock about the world, any place but to stay in Georgia.

    This is a story with a lot of heart in it. I love it, Liz. So, now I think I’ll go knock about with my young people. One of them plans to study for a year in Australia, and I am going to encourage her to knock about.



  6. I know, Patti. That’s what I was thinking while I was writing. Too many countries – so little time! I tried to encourage my kids to travel before they settled iinto family life. They didn’t, but that is ok. I hope you had a great day as you knocked about with the young ‘uns! I think we know someone who would be a fantastic tour guide in Australia!


  7. This is a GREAT humorous blog post, Liz!! Travelling is fun! And go to Switzerland too! I know it’s tiny – but we could meet!! 🙂


  8. Scotland would be a great place to start a little tour.


  9. Ooooo, this was so nice Liz thank you! Given me the get go to go knock about a bit … even if just for a walk.
    Garden of Eden Blog


  10. *smile* Well I hope you enjoyed your walk Susan! Thank you for stopping in.


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