“L” is for Luxury

I have no time for luxury, it always passes by,

I find my self in dire need to run till I ’bout die.

I run to get the laundry and pick up groceries too.

Then I run about the yard and pick up doggie poo!


Slow down, my children tell me, you need to have some fun.

We need to get some mud, make pies and set them in the sun.

Then we will kick our shoes off and run silly through the grass.

If  there’s still time, for supper, we can go and fish for bass.


“I have no time for luxury, dear children”, I replied.

“There’s sewing and then mending.” With that the children cried

“Dear mother we’ll be leaving soon, before you say goodbye,

Just think of all the fun we missed because you couldn’t try.”


“The mending will get done, when the skies pour down with rain.

But we must scoop that pile of poop from, Bud, our huge Great Dane.

The groceries you must still do, the dishes, they are ours.

So now let’s go and have some fun, and really smell the flowers.”


Sometimes the wisdom of the kids can really make you wonder,

Where did all the time just go to set your life asunder.

I have no time for luxuries, I often said aloud

I found that time, no matter what, we’re family and I’m proud.

running through grass


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16 comments on ““L” is for Luxury

  1. What a lovely poem! Just wonderful Liz! xo-B


  2. Lovely Liz on luxury – having time to run silly in the grass, smell the coffee is a necessity – though having the luxury of time is another matter! It gets lost sometimes and needs to be found!

    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


  3. I could relate to this years ago, but now that my kids have grown, time for luxury has slipped back into my schedule.



  4. Oh what a nice ‘L’, lovely and very true.


  5. Hi,
    It is so nice to take time and enjoy people. I often find myself falling behind in my own schedule, because I need to lend an ear to a friend who needs to just sit down with a cup of tea and talk.

    The wealthiest gift that anyone can give to another person is their time. Hence your story is really beautiful and it is very encouraging. There is a powerful message in it.

    Have a nice Sunday, and I hope you build a large snowman. Maybe, I’ll be able to see it way over here in Germany.

    Love you, Lady.


    • Good morning,Patti! I did not build the snow man. The snow was so heavy and sloppy. I think it would have turned into the exploded marshmellow man from Ghost Busters.

      Thank you for your comments. You are a strong shoulder to lean on. Yes, time is the best gift to give. Enjoy your day, beautiful soul!


  6. Oh Liz, you should really know for rhyme I am a sucker,
    especially when it’s written by a certain long haul trucker.

    Great piece Liz, we should always make time for those who are important in our lives.


  7. What a cute poem Liz!! I love it!! You’re such a gifted writer and poet too!! Love you!


  8. This was such cute and yet poignant poem. I loved it, and found myself nodding and smiling as I was reading it.


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