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Social Media, The Life of the Party?

Good etiquette is never passe

Jens Thoughts

20090914-mad-men-cocktail-party-290x218Those two words, social media, can send chills through some authors, others feel as though it’s the life of the party and love everything about it. I have met some fantastic people through different social media avenues, but there is a flip side as well. It’s time-consuming. I’ve read many articles and blogs on what is a reasonable amount of time to spend connecting on social media, but I’ll leave that topic for another day.

Let’s take a moment to envision a scenario. You received an invite to a party, a huge social event. You purchase the proper attire, chat with your friends about who will attend and people you can’t wait to meet. And, what if you met the right person who could launch your career? This event, could mean something huge. It could change everything.

You walk into the party, grab some champagne, and meet your friend who has…

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