“O” is for Olfactory

Today I am passing on a poem that I found about smell. This one encompasses almost every trigger that is involved in the olfactory receptor process. I think it is a well written stimuli.

The Sense of Smell

In a sense, it’s not the heart or the mind        That triggers memories so deeply confined

They only play a common role           In those mad moments that flood the soul

Vision and hearing have their tales           But I think the detonation’s due to…smell

That’s what I said, yet you probably oppose       That most of our memories come from the nose

The reason I hold this strong conclusion        Is because my smell brought on so many illusions

Walking outside, I encountered a breath of fresh air       And memories exploded, memories flared;

On the mountains on a day so breezy       On the beach with the tide uneasy

Opening a window during a clashing storm       Sitting by the fire in hopes to get warm

A doe swimming across the river brim       A prickly pine come falling from a limb

Playing in raked leaves in mid fall        Gathering a horse back into his stall

Drip drying in the summer wind        Chasing lightning bugs with my friend

Looking at the stars, oh what bliss        A little boy and a first kiss

Going to a baseball game in night fog       How the rocks roll during a jog

Knowing grass has just been mowed        Making an angel in the snow

A vision of a tire swing under a maple       A candle lit Christmas dinner table

Watching flowers sway on tops of hills        Remembering how God’s love feels

Volcanic memories explode and then again swell       Memories are pure madness when encountering a smell

Whitney Albright
Poem is courtesy of :  http://www.poemhunter.com/
olfactory 1Picture courtesy of : http://bingsearch.com/

11 comments on ““O” is for Olfactory

  1. Where would we be without our sense of smell? Probably deep in an odorous pit!


  2. You are so right. I could feel every sense and smell as I was reading this. That is very cool. 🙂


  3. I liked reading this!!! Very special!!


  4. Aren’t memories wonderful:)



  5. Smell – the most powerful it is said. Remember the book ‘Perfume’ or the movie? I loved the poem and it brought back memories. What about the smell of a baby?


  6. Hi,
    My grandmother on my father’s side of the family sold candy and what nots to the community. She had a lovely treasure chest and that is where she stored her candy goodies. Reading this poem reminds me so much of Grandma Lottie and her treasure chest because I used to love to open it and smell all of the nice smells.
    This is a beautiful poem, Liz. I love it.



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