“P” is for Passenger

We’re going to the city and we’re going by a train.  I’ve never been a passenger, I’ve never seen the plain.

Sometimes I wish that we could fly and see the earth below, but I’ve not yet been a passenger, though one day I’m sure to go.

We’re going to the country, but we will go by car.  I’ll be a quiet passenger because it’s not that far.

Sometimes I wish that I could ride upon a big old boat.  But my passage will be long away, I hope it will still float!

We’re going on a buggy ride, drawn by horses fair.  I’ve never been a passenger, ‘cept on my old grey mare.

Sometimes I wish that I could fly ’round that big old moon.  But I’ve only been a passenger in a blue hot air balloon.

We’re going to the mountains, with snow high upon the peaks. I’ve never been a passenger in a tour to hunt antiques.

Sometimes I’d like to see what lies beyond the deep blue sea. But I’ve not been able to convince someone to come along with me.

We’re going to a funeral, my pet frog died today.  I’ve never been a passenger, but we all end up this way.



passenger dreams




10 comments on ““P” is for Passenger

  1. This si so cute. I just love it. I particularly loved the ending. We are all on a journey of sorts, aren’t we.


  2. A gentle way to think about life and also death.
    Very nice.


  3. This is a wonderful poem as seen from the eyes of a child. Beautiful, simply beautiful. You should really consider putting together a children’s book. You have a wonderful kid’s heart, and I believe that kids would love your book.



  4. I could see all that, good job.


  5. This was lovely Liz, thank you so much – frog or human – lovely juxtaposition there!


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