“Q” is for Queasy

I feel queasy,   I feel blue.   My tummy hurts. What should I do?


I feel queasy,  I feel sad.   My head is woozy,   I feel quit bad.


I feel queasy,  I feel blue. It’s hot in here,  I have the flu.


I feel queasy, I’m freezing cold.   My tummy boils  if truth be told!


I feel queasy, I feel blue.    Grandmas’ in the kitchen,  making witches brew.


I feel queasy,  I’m just a mess.   My nose is running.   I’m a damsel in distress.


I feel queasy, I feel blue.  My mattress is lumpy, or it’s my angle of view.


I feel queasy.  Will this ever leave?   I’m tired of laying.   It has caused aggrieve.


I feel queasy, I feel blue.  I’m locked in a fortress,  under security review.


I feel queasy.    It’s got to get better.  I’m just a prisoner.   It is like wearing a fetter.


I feel queasy,  I feel blue.  I have a favorite room –  yes sir, it’s the loo.


I feel queasy   Oh the toilet bowl…If it were not for porcelain,  I’d be over some deep hole.


Oh maybe I am better, the sun came out today.  I think I smell jelly cake, oh no, that’s foul play!


sick boysick girl


11 comments on ““Q” is for Queasy

  1. I so enjoyed this. It was a fun way to end the week. I especially enjoyed the part about the jelly cake. :-)))


  2. Dear Liz, this is such a CUTE blog post!! I loved reading it, it made me frown, smile and giggle. So well done!!
    Thanks for a great Weekend blog post!!
    love you!


  3. My son gave you 5*, you really have to do a childrens book he loves your blog, so do I. He just read it outloud and giggled, that’s priceless:)


    • I couldn’t ask for more of a compliment than that. If the target area that I write for is getting a kick out of the stories, then I am on the track I need to be on. Tweeking, refining and revamping are always a part of growth, and I will work on those, constantly.
      I give 5 stars back for such a review! Hugs to you both!


  4. ooooopsy Liz – hope all is good but methinks you were having a little fantasy there! Lovely q thank you!


  5. Hmm sounds like the end result of a bad oyster there Liz 🙂


  6. May have very well been Laurie! lol Although I’ve yet to have a bad oyster. Thanks for stopping by!


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