“R” is for Reek!

Track and Field Day was held every fall at Memorial Elementary School. every, I mean EVERY , student had to take part.  There was no room for “I’m sick!”  “My dog ate my running shoe!”  “The wheel on my chair is wobbly!”  ” I have to study for the test on Monday.”

There were hurdles to jump, bars to leap over, races to challenge and shots to put.  A lot of the kids were nervous, really nervous, including me. I think we started to reek a little because of it.

The sun beat down on us, that physically challenging day. The more we tried to complete the challenges, the more we sweat.  The more we sweat, the more we reeked. It wasn’t smelling pretty out there.

As the afternoon drew to a close, some of us took off our shoes.  Whew – phew!   Did our feet reek!  The smell from the cheese  that Dad buys from the deli could not compare to this at all!  We were coughing and sputtering!  Finally  someone pleaded for us to put them back on. We obliged rather quickly,  but it was difficult.  The winds were blowing the rotten  smell right around our heads.

The last congratulations were given and we were free to go home.  Ahhh, a nice shower, clean, fresh, perfect!  After gathering our bags,  my friends and I walked home, but we gave each other plenty of personal space!  Was it my imagination or were we being followed by a swarm of flies?  I wasn’t sure I would even be let in the house, smelling as bad as I did.  Thankfully no one was home when I arrived.  I stripped off my clothes in the laundry room and ran to take my shower.  Oh ya! That was the best feeling in the world!  The suds were everywhere as I scrubbed and took in the smell of freshness!

Once I got dressed, I went to the family room and relaxed on the couch.  I feel asleep.  I must have been in a very deep sleep, as I did not hear a thing until Mother exclaimed, “What is that awful smell?  It reeks in here!”

What could I say?  I sheepishly walked to the laundry area and let Mother know the culprits  were my clothes and running shoes.  “Whew!  Phew! I think that we have to air them before I even wash them!”

So out to the clothesline I went.  I was hanging them on the line to air when a swarm of flies circled about and landed on the stinking, gross, reeking clothes.  No matter how I tried to swosh them away, they’d circle around and plop right back on them. I swung my arms and spun in circles trying to get them to fly off.  I got dizzy and fell down, with all that stinking mess landing right on my head. The flies followed the clothes of course and they were crawling all over my face! Gross!! I jumped up as quickly as I could and swung my clothes in big circles around me.  It was like magic – the flies seemed to be dancing in perfect rhythm with the movement of the stinking clothes.

Mother must have wondered what I was doing as she peered out the kitchen window, as she tapped on the glass firmly, signalling that I should stop horsing around and complete the task I was to do.  I guess she couldn’t see the flies that were dancing about me.  I gave up and kept swatting at them as I continued the chore.  I huffed  a couple out that tried to get up my nose.

Mother was busy making dinner as I returned to the kitchen.  I looked outside to see if the flies had left, but I think they were moving in for the night.  I offered to help make the meal, but mother asked if I could take out the garbage.  I grabbed the bin and walked towards the garbage can.  Man did that reek! I coughed and sputtered and tried to cover my nose with my arm.  Wouldn’t you know it…I dumped the garbage just outside the door.  Oh the smell!! I ran back into the house to grab the dustpan and another bag.  I came out to clean the debris only to find the flies were everywhere.  I tried to scoop the mess as quickly as I could. Coughing and sputtering and spitting out more flies,  I took a deep breath, wanting to hold it for as long as I could, but I inhaled a fly!

Yeeeuuucckkk! I dropped everything and ran into the house.  “Ma…Mom….Mother!!!” I yelped as I continued to cough.  She spun to watch my display , and jokingly asked why I was turning purple?  “The garbage stunk, but aren’t you being a little dramatic?”  I tried to tell her I swallowed a fly, but the words would not come.

After taking a drink,  I finished cleaning up my mess, angrily swatting at the pesky insects.  Oh how it reeked! I think that I had my fill of stinky scenarios for the day.  I put the garbage into the receptacle, and started walking towards the house.  Was that the smoke alarm?  I ran to the door, and sure enough, mother was fanning the billowing smoke away from the smoke detector.  Supper had burnt accidentally, and the rancid smoke was thick. Did it ever reek! It took a while to make the smell go away, but thankfully,  it was cleared up by the time Dad came home.   What a stinking day!  Well, maybe it wasn’t too bad, I did win a couple of ribbons!

smelly sneakers


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14 comments on ““R” is for Reek!

  1. We have a similar problem with flies at times, horrible. Well done on the ribbons.
    maggie at expat brazil


  2. O my reeking starts Liz! This was wonderfully graphic! Cheese, garbage, stinky shoes, burning supper, flies, rank sweat .. couldn’t you have added – mmm I don’t know – a decomposing body? Great post thanks!


  3. sorry that should have read stars not starts


  4. Hi,
    And I am glad she did win a couple of ribbons. Beautiful story Liz and also very humorous. A great one for kids and adult.



  5. Thanks for making me laugh, Liz. Well done!!! 🙂


  6. I missed this one. Yep I can certainly smell them. The best part is I really laugh and that was a good thing. 🙂


    • Well thank you so much Susan! I am happy whenever a chuckle or laugh emerges from someones lips! It was a hairy week so please don’t think I have forgotten you! I will be over to visit your works and words and wine selection!


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