“S” is for Static

Why am I full of static cling, when I wake up each day?

It fills my bed and stuffies.  I’ll hire military attaché.

He’ll have to stand up for my rights when I rise in the morn,

And pull that sock off from the spot that it seems to adorn.

When it comes to tame the hair that springs out ’round my head,

I’ll have him use that stuff that makes your hair feel like hard lead.

As I walk about the carpet in my bright red fuzzy socks,

He’d help me get to the point that I could just outfox,

That zap –  zap –  zapping pattern that happens when I touch,

The walls, my jacket, or my hairbrush that I use so much.

I hope that he would also show me what to do in case

The shocks I get from static make me sport a big wry face.

If only winter would go away and spring  give humidity,

I’d be so happy to walk about with no fear of rigidity.

The only other problem with static in my house,

Comes from my baby brother,  a real live felis chaus!

I think that I could write a book on things he does each day,

To cause such static in my place, we’re always in disarray.

But that will be in some future time,  maybe when we’re static,

As things that change will always come , yes, they’ll be automatic.



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14 comments on ““S” is for Static

  1. good one Liz! Winter fast approaching here and with it the static too! Most amusing and clever thank you, I enjoyed this! 🙂
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


    • I feel for you Susan! I am sitting here trying to type and my hair keeps wrapping itself around my glasses and is clinging to parts of my face. I will have to try the fabric softner sheet as mentioned by Laura! Thank you for popping in Susan!


  2. That was a fun read. I could actually feel all the static as I was reading it. It is a very distinctive feeling, isn’t it. ZAP!!!


  3. ZAP!!!!!
    🙂 Good one Liz.


  4. Hi Liz, This was tons of fun to read. I had a lot to smile – about the ZAP too of course!! 🙂


    • Coming from your electrifying personality, I thank you..lol! As I mentioned to Susan, it has been a wild week and I know I have to catch up on your reading, Raani..I will be there!! Thank you for stopping by!! Hugs


  5. I felt those zaps, I suffer from this especially with shopping trolleys:)


  6. Hello, Liz! What a fun poem!! Static really is so annoying! I have long hair so in the winter I hate it when my hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I have a good tip for static hair, though: tame it with a dryer sheet! It really works. And it makes your head smell good, too!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines


    • Thank you Laura! I have such fun writing these and I am estatic when I get a giggle or a laugh. I have actually used dryer sheets on the dogs and horses to help ease static and ease the brushiing proceedure. Thanks for the tip on human use too! I had a vision of you standing with your hair encircling your head and you vibrating with the aftershock! (Oh that does sound very nice! I think you know what I mean though;)) Thank you for stopping in and commenting. I will pop over to your blog and catch your wonderful works too!


  7. Hi,
    Thank you Liz for joining the Challenge. I have learned so much more about you during this month. Your S – Static is witty and humorous, and I enjoyed it.



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