“U” is for UFO

I heard somebody talking to a friend the other day.  What they were talking about kind of took my mind away to the world of possibilities where maybe dreams come true.  This tale is of the journey that my mindscape took me to.

I saw that there where funny things that flew up in the sky, and they dipped and dove all over the place, like birds around a lake. As I looked closer I saw that they were shiny bright and glowing from the sun.  They pulled their craft over me and came down for a closer look. I trembled and shook and then  – swoop – I was off!

The beings that were in the craft looked funnier than me. I had to laugh, a little loud, when their pet came up to inspect me.  It looked like a little unicorn with a horn that glowed bright green. I startled and fell backwards when it started barking like a dog. The creatures that were in the room doubled up in laughter.  Their laughter was hilarious and I joined them in their tune. One of them took me by the hand and led me to an area that was full of flashing buttons, levers, computer screens (well sort of like them), and more UFO-ians in chairs (well sort of like chairs), some plates that held little snapping, colored things. What a weird setup this was. Although I couldn’t understand what was said, as they spoke in quips and whistles and clucking-clicking sounds, I knew this was the control area. I could see,  on one of the screens, my neighborhood, and the friends that were still talking.  I saw that Dad was mowing the grass and Mom was picking flowers.

On another screen, I saw the stars and planets with their moons. I knew that they were showing me the land where they came from. It was a funky little planet with pastel colored rocks that formed skinny peaks reaching for the limits of the  universe. I could not understand how they did not fall over. One of the beings zoomed in on a peak and showed me a small opening.  Suddenly a body  sprung out and it was waving to us.  How was that possible?  They were able to know where each other was no matter the distance.

I was thinking about how awesome that was when I felt a pain in my thumb. I glanced over to have a look only to find seven or eight little fuzzballs chewing on it. I shrieked and jumped back shaking my hand wildly!  The beings started their laughter again, but I did not join in this time. What were these things?  They returned to their plates and snapped at the air. One of the aliens sprinkled some type of dust over them and they gobbled it down like pigs eating chop!

I was passed a beverage that smelled like hot chocolate.  I wasn’t sure if I should drink it, as thoughts of Alice in Wonderland danced through my head. I touched it to my lips, but it went down my throat on its own. It felt warm, but not heat warm, tingly. I was not sure what happened next,  as I fell back to the ground.  I woke to find my friends about me and faces showed concern.

They said that I was babbling, and made no sense at all, and the laughter, if you wanted to call it that, they said, was just plain scary! I told they that I drifted off and saw the things they were talking about, the UFO’s and all. But I couldn’t explain why my thumb was so sore and bleeding slightly.  It looked as though someone punctured it with a handful of needles.  My throat still felt numb, too.  Now was that weird, or what?




7 comments on ““U” is for UFO

  1. Aw, the possibilities. I wonder how we would react if an alien really did visit and showed themselves. It would change a lot about how we see the world we live in, wouldn’t it. 😀


  2. Great story, got an afternoon of little box of books, how nice, I’ve got my tea, biscuits and lovely stories, blessed indeed:)


  3. LOOOL. Liz, this was GREAT!! I LOVED the last few sentences. Before I was just caught up in the story, your words were describing the scenery so vividly, that you had my thoughts in there!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Hi,
    It would be something if we were to awaken and find that we are not the only people in the universe—–that beings more intelligent than us live elsewhere. I went on your journey with you and I enjoyed the ride.



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