“V” is for The View From My Room

“It’s time for bed, sleepy head”, I heard my mother say. “Off to your room and I’ll come soon to tuck you in goodnight.”  I brushed my teeth and flossed them too and did some other things. I climbed into bed and grabbed my book that I would like to have read.

As I lay there, with the side lamp burning bright, I saw some things I’d never noticed.  I never saw the spider that made a home in the corner of the ceiling.  I sure hoped he would stay there all night! I wouldn’t like to know that he moved about the room and crawled into my bed!

I really never noticed the books that line the shelf. But they are quite colorful and lighten up the room.

I never saw the way the light dances off the ceiling bumps before.  They look like little fairy huts with fire-pot glowing here and there.  I do not mind these visitors, in fact they bring me peace.

I never saw the tiny crack above the window before. Was the house falling in around me? I sure hope that it would not spread more before I able to tell someone. I would not want to having the house come crashing on my head!

I never noticed the smile that was on the face of the clown my mother used to own. It sits up on a shelf with more friends both young and old. The porcelain doll that Grandpa passed to me, is watching like an angel brave to keep me safe.

I never noticed that there are too many toys in the box. They seem to spill up and over their home without a purpose or thought.  I might have to give some of them away to someone who needs a smile too.

I never noticed how soft and warm my blankets are on me. The patchwork quilt, the flannel quilt, the cotton sheets, the feather pillows wrapped with  sweet lavender satchets.

My eyes are feeling heavy, but I hear the footfalls coming. I never noticed how soft the rug is that protects the floor. As Mother draws closer, I know the end  of day is near.  She reads to me so softly, soothing my mind.

As I drift off to slumberland, I float above my room.  I never noticed just how full it is. It’s full of life and happiness and tears that fall some days. It’s full of art and dreams and special things.  I see that I am loved and kept protected as best can be.

I sleep… so soundly… not even noticing… that spider is curled up with me!



7 comments on ““V” is for The View From My Room

  1. My son wants me to re read this to him at bedtime, good job:)
    maggie at expat brazil


  2. What a beautiful view of your room, Liz. Only the spider scares me. I hope it doesn’t scare you too! Still: I loved it and it painted this peaceful picture in my head that reminded me of my own little tiny room back at my parents’ house.
    Thanks for this memory!


  3. Good morning,
    What a wonderful story for your children’s book. I have enjoyed reading your stories, Liz. They have awakened so many cherished memories that I have stored in my treasure trove.
    Thank you.



  4. I love this. I felt like I was experiencing the whole of it. It really is interesting what we see when we really look at our surrounding, isn’t it?


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