“W” is for Web

I have a pesky spider that will not leave me alone.

He’s invaded every space that’s within my little home.

His webs are in my face each morn when I leave my bed.

They’re in my mouth, my ears and bear that I call ol’ Ted.

I found them in the covers, but I don’t know how come,

He found a way to web the bedpost where I stash my gum.

I asked for help the other day to chase it from my room.

We cleaned and swept only to find its webbery did resume.

I may seem tired of trying and you’re right would be my guess.

I cannot seem to squash this little bug, nevertheless.

So I will have to ponder about what I will do next.

I feel I’m overpowered, alas, a little vexed.

Perhaps I shall observe him, stare quiet as a mouse,

Or maybe just give up and build for him a little house!



6 comments on ““W” is for Web

  1. I’m allergic to the mosquito, spiders eat mosquito, ergo I encourage spiders, lots of webs in my house:)
    Had a nice read and I’ve caught up on your stories.
    maggie at expat brazil


  2. Oh, that would be an allergy I would hate. I have this thing about repellants and prefer to use my own concotions. I use it more frequently because it does not have the staying power of DEET, but it works.
    If I were you, I would have spiders as my guest too! Do you have bat houses hanging up? They are good for control too. There is something to be said for every insect and their purpose, isn’t there?
    Thanks for stopping in, Maggie!


  3. Dear Liz,
    Even though I’m scared of spiders, I still love your poem!!
    Well done!! 🙂


    • When I saw you start off with Dear… I freaked out. I had the thought of you telling me like it is and being in your hot seat. Thank goodness I was spared this time!!
      This is not good I had two stories that had spiders this week. I don’t mind them but Randy is petrified of them. I laugh when ever he does his spidey dance. Sick, I know!
      Thanks for dropping in Raani!


  4. Good morning,
    This is so humorous and I love the rhythm. It brought a few chuckle out of my heart when I read it.

    Great job, Lady. We’ve got two more days to go with Monday, the 29th.



  5. Very cute poem. I’m not over fond of spiders but I do appreciate their help in the garden. There I consider them my friends and fellow combatants against the bad bugs… LOL. .


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