“Y” is for Yurt

Jamie’s Journal – Keep Out!!

My yurt has been my happy home for as long as I can remember. I share it with my parents and our dog. I have a little room that I can call my own, but the really cool thing is that it’s outdoors where I roam! Our yurt is by a bush that surrounds a small lake.  It is built with canvas and poles that hold it up just right. There are windows all around it and a big old wooden door.  I have a rag rug, a friend made, placed on the wood floor.

The snow has piled up around the yurt on this cold day. The wood stove is working a little hard to keep us warm.  The dog is curled up in front of it, so I just lay beside him. When the snow stops I’ll get my snowshoes and go for a walk with the dog.

I don’t know anything that is different about living in my circle home. I don’t know why kids laugh at it when they come by either. I have some friends that think my house is cool.  I have gone to friends houses and I really don’t like the square walls and straight walls and small windows. I like the big windows and the wall poles and roof poles and all the wood that we polish. I like the canvas on the outside because it looks like a tent. I like the deck that goes around it to because I can run and run and never reach the end.

I like to see whatever the windows show me each morning. The deer and moose play hide and seek  chase each other around. I see the babies in the spring. I watch the rabbits color change from winter white to summer brown and back again.  I see the caterpillars curl up in leaves and turn into butterflies.  I watch the flowers jump up from deep in the ground and show the sun their face.  The skunks are really silly and they tumble around the ground.  Have you ever seen the likes of a baby beaver, or porcupine? So cute, they are. You’ll never guess how many birds have flown through the yurts front door.  We’ve chased them out and then turned around to chase out another four.

I can’t think of anything else that I could compare this to.  I don’t know if I could ever possibly live in the city or small town.  I am not afraid of people, but I like it better when they’re not around.

I love my yurt!

Thank you.  Jamie’s journal  – over and out!

yurta_interior3 yurta_exterior12


6 comments on ““Y” is for Yurt

  1. Yurts are the coolest thing. I’ve been in a few but never stayed in one. That is one of bucket list items. 🙂


  2. Liz,
    This is wonderful. Like Jamie, I love yurts also. Excellent story and I enjoyed it.


  3. Oh I do like that how cute, not sure I could live in it but I could so holiday in it!
    maggie at expat brazil


  4. Good one Liz, at least with a Yurt the cat wouldn’t be able to pee in the corner.


  5. How beautiful, Liz!! I love it and I would love to have one of those! 🙂 Very nice! Hugs to you!


    • Yurts are soaked in history and lately in comfort. I am not sure if there are rentals in the UK, but there are quite a few getaways in Canada. I wanted to live in one of them, but Randy could not get into the nomadic lifestyle quite so easily. lol (and trucking is what, exactly??) Oh well, he is a great partner.


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