Valeria Levitin,The World’s Thinnest Woman Campaigns Against Anorexia

Well written article!! I am sure that you know at least one person touched by this.


I saw Valeria first time by the pool in Monaco,Monte Carlo two years ago.I still remember the shock of that moment… I was mesmerized by the person in front of me or better said “the dead walking ” in front of me… After the shock passed I had the strongest feeling to run to her and hug her,to listen to her story and find a way to help her. Something stopped me…. the idea that maybe she’ll get it wrong,that maybe my reaction could scared her,the person near me, telling me to stop staring at her…. But really how could everybody be so calm and cool like everything was ok when in one corner of the pool was sunbathing the skeletal system from the anatomy class back in school?!Are we so egocentric that we don’t see the suffering around us?!

The story of Valeria came out in the media at the end…

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3 comments on “Valeria Levitin,The World’s Thinnest Woman Campaigns Against Anorexia

  1. It is sad.
    A lot of women get sick trying to emulate the fashion models in the magazines.
    Sometimes not realizing that a lot of the images they are trying to look like….are totally unrealistic fantasies created in Photoshop. No wrinkles., no lines……not real.


  2. So sad…thank you for finding this and sharing this Liz! It is really sad how family, friends, acquaintances, can negatively affect us in our self image. My sister suffered from bulimia for years when she was involved in ballet. She still has strange eating habits but has stopped the binge eating and vomiting. What scared her the most, and made her take a good look at herself was when after binging she made herself throw up, and it caused the blood vessels around her eyes to burst. For two weeks she looked like a raccoon. No way to hide what she was doing after that…We are all happy that she recognized how destructive this was and we did what we could to help her out.

    Hugs – B


    • That must have been a hard reality for her, and the family. I have a granddaughter involved in dance, and I see some of the girls in her class that appear to be leaning that way too. I hope that this story of yours helps a parent, friend or the person her/his-self that life is precious and we need to realize and embrace the fact that our health is what will keep us happy on this journey.

      Thank you so much for sharing this Barbara. Hugs!


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