“Z” is for Zillions

There are so many things have come into my life.  I cannot count them all.

I shudder to think what I let slip by through self-abuse and alcohol.

Those days have passed, most thankfully. Not sure how I made it through.

If I look back, through that tiny crack, I see a zillion faces like you.

Faces filled with sadness, faces hiding shame. What weakness was this?

Faces that urged me to carry on, “Try this one, it will give you bliss!”

A zillion hard old bridges that I  did not need to cross.

Could have turned out like so many who lay covered now in moss.

The steps I starting taking  seemed like a zillion long.

The faces looking brighter and me just playing along.

Twenty thousand steps go by and a candle shines the way.

Still something lurks and weighs me down like sedimentary clay.

“Step higher, honey, raise the bar.” they called out now to me.

I had to burn the contract held to a tolerable degree.

More steps are mastered one by one, the end not quite in sight.

But surely now the signs are pointing to a life of  less contrite.

Although I live a life that I must always keep in check.

I thank the zillion faces that were tough with no regret.

I send a zillion apologies and a zillion thank yous too.

To the zillion faces, who lifted me  while I tried to  eschew.

From my heart – thank you.


18 comments on ““Z” is for Zillions

  1. A lovely post thank you Liz and it’s been great reading you.

    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


    • I am not saying farewell Susan, as I will be watching your posts and keeping tabs on you. No I’m not stalking you…lol! I find your posts interesting. (Time is tight and I may not drop by frequently, but I do get there eventually!)
      Thank you so much for dropping by and for your support.


  2. Obviously heartfelt. Thank you for blogging. I have enjoyed your post on the A-Z challenge. I hope you continue to blog. I’ll keep checking back.


  3. I enjoyed this. The part the struck me was “A zillion hard old bridges that I did not need to cross.” How true that is. 🙂


  4. A zillion ‘phews’ for reaching the end of your task. Well done Liz.


  5. Such and honest writing. Thanks. We all have a zillion bridges we shouldn’t have crossed…but here we are. We made it. Thanks to the zillions who supported us.


  6. Hi Liz
    I have so enjoyed your posts in the challenge, that much so that I would like to nominate you for a Liebster Award. Hop over to mine place and you can get all the details. You so deserves all awards:)

    Liebster Award
    maggie at expat brazil


  7. WOW, Liz. You’ve done it!! Congrats!! And each one of the blog posts was your hard work and showing your talent!!
    You’re GREAT!!!


  8. Hi,
    This poem of thank you to all the Zillions is so beautiful, and I thank you. I thank you for walking the A to Z Blog Challenge along with me. I thank you for hanging in there. That you were walking with me kept me going, Lady. I had surgery on April 17th and did not know how I was going to hang in there. Knowing that you and Susan Scott from South Africa were there kept me going strong even through pain.
    So thanks a zillion. It is so nice having you on my side.
    I love you.


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