Halloween Wishes For You from Susan (and me):)

Halloween Wishes For You.


9 comments on “Halloween Wishes For You from Susan (and me):)

    • Hello Susan! I am doing well! I hope that you are just going full tilt and loving every minute of it. I have been keeping tabs on you through your blog and apologize for not commenting more. Sometimes the service was not great and also using the phone for the net meant I needed BIG glasses. It’s all good though:)


  1. Dearest Liz,
    I’m so happy to finally hear from you again. How are you doing?? I really miss you very much online!!


  2. Ah, Raani! I miss you too!! I am so looking forward to getting back to writing, posting and connecting with everyone. As I mentioned to Susan, I have been keeping tabs. In fact I was reading a post from August today and noticed your name in the comments section….I read about the helicopter too…and that’s all I can say about that..haha!
    I think that you are a strong woman too, I just haven’t responded to the e-mail. Hugs to you!


  3. It has been quite a while my dear Liz! I am glad that you are back! Big hugs and looking forward to reading more of your posts! – Happy Halloween to you and to Susan too! – hugs – b


  4. Need the BIG glasses do we? It’s difficult netting on the phone. Great to know you are doing okay Liz and hope that all is well with the trucking.


    • Yup, Laurie! No getting around that anymore. I just need to go get bifocals so I don’t have to keep chasing after the lost pair I wear. As for driving…another shift in our lives has brought me to a place that I think we will call home. Randy will keep driving for a while longer, but I am going to be the barn manager at the dressage farm starting in December, filling in with the groundskeeper position we were offered in September. So yay! is all I can say.
      Don’t get me wrong, I find the people I meet on the road interesting. So many characters to draw writing material from. I just miss some of the things you can only do from a place you can call home.
      Thanks for dropping in Laurie! Hugs to you!


      • It’s great to hear that things are working out Liz. I do miss you, you know. Yeah, glasses are a bummer, I can’t wear bifocals, they make me dizzy. That must make you feel so good, settled down for Christmas and all. There’s no place like home, no matter where it is. I’m so happy. I’m sure you might find plenty of characters to draw from in the horsey world. Hugs right back at ya. Talk soon.


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