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Laughter and Amusement

True, true!


Upon my floor now lay three wolves, an arctic fox, a lion, a horse and a cheerleader.  The animals can stay but the cheerleader has to go.  She is rather annoying.  Every time you press her stomach she says “Go team!” and then sings a grating song.  This is all collateral damage left over from the invasion of my house by kids today.

In my entertaining of these kids I rediscovered just how amusing it is to be a kid and how easily they laugh.  As we dined they began talking about stupid names that people have and have named their kids.  They thought it was hilarious that someone named their kid apple.  It was even funnier to them when I told them about the Earl of Sandwich and a couple of guys named Francis Bacon.  Wouldn’t it have been great if Mr. Bacon had been one of the Earls…

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