Metallic Monstrosities, Strange Sculptures and Flowers at The Writer’s Room.

Through the eye of Laurie, another inspirational photographer.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

I know, another Jacaranda but look at the lavender ‘snow fall’ beneath the trees. This is the best part of the season. Taken at the Doctor’s open garden day.


More vistas from the same garden.


This rose looks magnificent when you open the picture in a new tab. The pink flower is on an extremely prickly stem and then we have a major garden feature.


Something different, I love statues especially those of the unclothed female form. Not in a pervy way but as someone who admires beauty in all its forms. I think they may represent the three fates of Greek mythology. The bottlebrush flower is probably one of the brightest I’ve seen all year, and of course it makes a great contrast with the lily.


Taken when we stopped for road works on the highway north of Cowra in New South Wales. The wheat fields located on both sides…

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6 comments on “Metallic Monstrosities, Strange Sculptures and Flowers at The Writer’s Room.

  1. Australia is on my bucket list. However, should I never make it there, I have seen some beautiful parts of the country. Ones that I probably would have not seen, even if I had gone.


  2. So beautiful, these pictures. I do love Laurie’s posts! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you for stopping by, Mary Ann! I hope all is well with you! They are interesting. aren’t they?


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