What does the word champion mean to you?  How do you feel society on a whole deems this word should be used?

I came across this story that made me think of what a champion means to me. The young man who was facing challenges everyday was lifted and supported by another young man.  The first young man is a champion in my eyes as he knew what was in store for him each day, yet he still pushed onward.  The second young man showed support by mimicking the dress code the younger man felt was his style.

The link is here for you to view. It is a heartwarming minute and a half.  http://bit.ly/1aOYUMt

I started revisiting some of the people whom I have met along my journey. There are so many that held their own personal victories. I was pleased beyond words to have been able to share directly or indirectly with the triumphs. These range from personal achievements over physical, mental, medical or social challenges to  victories over corporate crap that needed changing for the betterment of the people who worked under an overpowering presence. They are true champions on their own right. Every one of them has changed my way of thinking. They have made me evolve from the selfish shell I closed about me for years to one who wants the world to have the understanding that we all need validation of some sort, but we also need to validate those along our paths.

Let them know that they . I found this simply stated sentence from the children of the above mentioned video refreshing.

I would love to hear more about  the champions in your life. Please share a link here or on your own blog. Show the champions that they matter and  appreciated.



4 comments on “Champions

  1. Good to see you posting Liz. A great subject, I’ve never really thought about the subject.


  2. Wow! I have so many, you among them. It will take some thought to be able to give this one an appropriate answer. 🙂


  3. This is an excellent blog post, Liz. And thanks for publishing your posts again!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  4. Hi Liz,

    I gave you the “gift of Awards”. If you’d like to claim it:


    I really enjoy your blog and I’m so happy to have you back!!. 🙂


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