A is for Apparently



I walked to school,  the upcoming test on my mind just hung .

I thought I had it all worked through, until the clock struck nine.

Apparently the teacher had another class mixed with ours.

For when the questions lay before me, they spoke in foreign tongue.


I tried to scratch my head, then spun my pencil in the air.

I looked at questions as I rest my head, still to no avail.

Apparently the teacher thought I fell asleep, the snort I gave was loud.

The drool had puddled under my chin and I half slid off my chair.


She suggested that I rise and stretch to wake my brain once more.

The others snickered at my lot while wishing they could jump up too.

Apparently I never noticed that Gerry tied my laces to the chair.

You can certainly surmise where this left me – yes, lying on the floor.


My head could not function now and I was just a mess.

The time ticked even slower and I almost called defeat.

Apparently I tilted my head and reread what it said

and voila…bit by bit the answers did egress.


It wasn’t long before I found that I was happily adding,

Subtracting and then multiplying once before dividing.

Apparently numbers ran through my pencil, almost as if on fire.

My fog had lifted and shook itself from its fearful cladding.


The teacher tapped her pointer on the desktop to say stop.

I heard deep sighs and little coughs and papers rustling too.

Apparently I was not alone in hoping I’d done well.

“Good job to all and please deposit them on my desktop.”


We sauntered to the playground as the recess buzzer blew.

We ran off the stressful testing that had our limps held tight.

Apparently this testing is not what it seems to be.

Maybe torture or tomfoolery or is it teacher sough?


We return to class and sat there looking at her smiling face.

She held us in suspense as she eyed us, everyone.

Apparently she felt that her skills were quite well honed.

“You passed.” she said, ” and now we’ll move to a little harder place.”


Is this what teachings all about? Is this why we’re in school?

Is this why our parents just sit there and grin at breakfast time?

Apparently we move up slowly, climbing every rung.

Learning is such a journey, and I think that’s super cool!







17 comments on “A is for Apparently

  1. Oh, Liz!! It is so GREAT to hear from you!! – I’m happy you took a challenge and I hope so much to soon read more on your blog again. I missed you!!
    This is a wonderful poem and I love it!!
    Sending you HUGS
    love you


    • Thank you Raani! I am going to try to push this through. I was working late and as the clock kept ticking, I was thinking, “Oh come on, I have to get this posted!” Big HUGS back to you! and thanks again.


  2. O this had such rhythm! (did I spell that correctly?) It was funny all the way through – and the ending was such a surprise! It’s an important observation –
    Thank you Liz, I much enjoyed this!
    Garden of Eden Blog


  3. You so captured the feelings and experience. I am rather glad I don’t have to sit tests anymore but I still relish the learning experiences.


  4. I have missed you my friend. it so good to see your name pop up. I loved the prose. I hear you about the learning thing. It does have it moments along with great highlights. 🙂


    • Hello Susan!
      Thank you for popping in and commenting. YOU are one who is to be learned from. The challenges you have overcome and the learning realm you encompass are amazing.
      So here’s to all the world offers and what we can learn from it.


  5. Good morning Lady,
    It is sooooo good to see you participating in the Challenge. Remember last year?

    Well, I like your apparently. So typical of life and the wisdom that you brought forth in this poem is good. That’s what learning is all about. You scratch your head because you don’t know what happening; you fall and get back up and go through it, only to find out that you have to go to the next level, if you want to keep on living life.

    Love you , Liz, and it is good to see you here.



  6. Hello stranger, haven’t seen you around these here parts for a while. Love the poem. I love the fact though that you’re back, welcome home Liz.


  7. What a wonderful poem! Great start on the AtoZ challenge!

    AJ’s AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama


  8. Hi Liz,

    This is the first time to your blog but it sounds like you’ve been away for a short while and everyone is happy to have you back.

    Well I definitely enjoyed your story so thanks for sharing that with us. I can tell we have another talented writer amongst us. Maybe that will rub off on me. LOL!!!



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