B is for Bucking Bronco


               Is Dylan a Bucking Bronco?


Dylan was horse, who lived happily on a farm.

He thought he was a rodeo horse, but his owner had other plans.

His owner loved him dearly and showed him oft’ she could.

He stepped in tune to the dressage beat, but dancing was not his due.

All would go well for a bit until…Dylan would decide to fly.

He tossed his owner to and fro but still she hung on tight.

He kicked and reared and spun around, his owner looked a fright.

He stopped as quickly as he started, everything was calm.

The owner was quite shaken up, her hair was mussed and clothes all twisted.

Quickly she dismounted and shook her finger sternly.

“Dylan you are not a bucking bronco!” is all that she could muster.

The handler took him from her hands and brushed him through and through.

She snickered softly, chastising him, and hoped he’d had enough that day.

Out to the pasture they did walk until….Dylan decided to buck!

He jumped and kicked and cracked the lead, the handler holding tight.

He tried to shake from the rope , but she held with all her might.

He stopped as soon as he started and gave his head a shake.

“That was fun!”  he was thinking as they slowly continued their walk.

The handler was quite shaken, but she couldn’t let him know.

“You’re not a bucking bronco, Dylan! You’ve got to understand.”

She shook her head and opened the gate to let her charge go.

A foal was watching all excited, and asked her mama dear,

“Is Dylan a bucking bronco?” His mama answered slow…

“No my little one, he is not, but his dream is to be a bronc, not a dancer.”

Dylan heard them talking as he entered the pasture land.

The mama said, “We best watch out. He has that glimmer in his eye!”

No sooner had she spoken, when Dylan spun around.

He bucked and kicked, just tearing up the ground.

He may not star in the rodeo, but he has fun when he plays.

Life will not take him to the stampede grounds, but his dream will always be.

Stompin’ and kickin’, twistin’, turnin’ in the air.

A bucking bronco most extraordinaire.









11 comments on “B is for Bucking Bronco

  1. Hiya, Nice poem of a bucking bronco. I had one of those once he tried his dance and got away with it. Good to meet you here. I will follow you whenever I can.


  2. Wow Liz, that was some bucking bronco! May he always be playful – your post leaves me in a playful mood thank you!
    Garden of Eden Blog


  3. Hi,
    This one is really cute. It brought smiles to my face. Great job, Lady.



  4. What a wonderful happy post, Liz. It made me smile. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


    • So Ms. Raani… When are you going to try this challenge? I’m not harping because you have been writing a lot more than have this past while.(I hate it when life gets in the way.) Thanks for the encouragement, hugs and love to you!


      • Dearest Liz,
        Have you checked my blog lately? I’m actually somewhere in the “middle” of the A-Z challenge. But I’ve got time all year instead of one month. 😉
        Last I have published is “G is for gracefulness”.
        *chuckle* I hope to publish next letter soonest.


  5. That was a fun read my friend. As many have already said it really made me smile. 🙂


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