C is for Car Ride



                                               We’re Going for a Car Ride


The weather was quite sunny, and my dad said he was bored.

“Hey honey!”, he called out to mom, forcing open his vocal cord.

“What would you like?”  she retorted, “I’m washing out some clothes.”

“I think we should go out, a picnic we’ll compose!”

My siblings overheard this and they squealed in sheer delight.

All raced to change their clothing, something touristy and bright.

A picnic is just fabulous and getting there is too.

We scattered to get all we’d need. Were we going to the zoo?

We piled into that big old wagon, faded and light grey.

Oh this was just the very best way to spend a day.

Dad drove down country side roads and smaller highways too.

We counted spotted animals, weird license plates  and canoe.

We stopped at roadside stand and bought some sweet fruit.

Dad pulled up to a quiet spot,said “Don your bathing suit!”

What a fun-filled time we had, splashing in the water.

Mom said to sister Judy, “You look just like a little otter!”

The sun was starting to head west and Dad said we should go.

This journey has been so much fun – food, laughter and a drive.

It was a special family time that made us feel alive.

We know these times are going to pass as we grow asunder.

Will we carry on tradition? I hope so, but I wonder.









15 comments on “C is for Car Ride

  1. This was really nice. It had great rhythm and was very cute as well.


    • Thank you Beatrice!! How goes the battle on the home front? I hope you are keeping well! Have you thought about hooking up with the A to Z Challenge??? I dare you for next year..lol! Hugs to you and all the gang.


      • This month I am doing the NaNoWriMo. A poem a day. It’s on Photos Worth A Thousand Words.
        My oldest daughter just had a double mastectomy. I was with her through the trauma and soon she will probably be starting Chemo. Sucks, but what can you do. Also, my mom passed away in October. It just isn’t the same. Hugs


  2. Fond memories make the best plans for the next generation.


  3. OMG Beatrice! I sure hope she pulls through this ok. It is not only tough physically but mentally. I heard about your Mom. I lost mine too, suddenly, on Jan. 15th. The memories will be around us and we can surely try, to count the blessings, lessons learned and pass them by and by.

    I tried NaNoWriMo in November for the novel. I did not succeed, but I got it moving a bit more. It was the one that I had you critique the ending a while back. Good luck with your poetry. I will pop over!


  4. Just so heart filled and felt Liz thank you. Fond memories indeed.
    I’m so sorry about the loss of your mother. This is so recent really. Even though mine died almost 20 years ago I still think of her very often…
    And your friend who commented – just all good wishes for her daughter’s full recovery. What a whammy –
    Garden of Eden Blog


    • Thank you Susan. Yes Beatrice has had a few challenges in her life. She is a strong person and I am sure her strength will be felt by her daughter as she continues the journey.

      Yes time may heal, but the memories sure can live on, if you choose.


  5. What a fun way to deal with C! I’m here by way of A-to-Z!


  6. What a wonderfully rhythmic and happy poem, Liz. I just LOVE the rhymes and the family time!! So nice!


  7. As you know I love stuff that makes you feel good, recalls memories and reflects family. Your poem did not disappoint. 🙂


  8. Hi,
    I am loving your poetry. It is so nice to read, and it flows beautifully.



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