10 things I learned after joining a Senior Citizens Choir

You never know what may open your mind and teach you things about yourself and others!

My Life in my 60's

You're never too old to sing. You’re never too old to sing. 1. Just because you’re older, you can still have fun. This choir puts on hats, cowboy scarves, Berets, necklaces, and whatever costume fits the songs. The choir director is a bubbling, optimistic person. The piano player finds joy in the music, and rarely makes a mistake.

2. Age is just a number. You can learn a new musical interest when you’re quite old. Look at Mick Jagger: he fills stadiums!

3. You will meet people with all kinds of life stories: retired army heroes, teachers, nurses, musicians, rich and poor people. Some really enjoy retirement, and other’s have a harder time living on a pension.

5. There are all kinds of old age diseases, but the secret is to just ignore them and keep going. It’s all in the attitude. Find joy in something, like singing and it won’t bother you as much.


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4 comments on “10 things I learned after joining a Senior Citizens Choir

  1. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for featuring this blog post and its writer. I really enjoyed reading it and left a comment on her blog.
    Have a great weekend, Lady.


    • I know, eh? She is amazing in her own right and I don’t often get to tell her that.

      You know what its like, as you are always trying to read and respond to the blogs that are important to you along with discovering new ones. It gets tough to find time. I was elated when I read your blog about not getting all bent out of shape and trying to read this and that and read books and review them and sing and work and write… You were making me tired. I realized that I was caught up in a lot of the same issues and had to quit for a bit.
      I am just slowly starting to be able to read blogs and respond. All though not always the way I should. It will come back around.

      Love and hugs…


  2. I went over and checked the original blog post. Thanks for sharing it. Liz. And I have to REALLY, REALLY apologize for now showing up on your blog earlier. For some reason I just didn’t get notifications and had to modify them now. I hope you’ll forgive me!


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