As I Go

As the rain fell down ne’er the land
As the winds blew strong in their own defence
As my umbrella dutifully sprung itself tense
As the snake slithered out from under the rock
My goats begged for relief

As their udders filled with savoury milk
As the kids bleated loud out for more
As the man glanced out from aside the door
As the gate banged to and fro
He beckoned me come hither

As the stranger watched my slow response
As he lifted up his pipe rather shy
As he used a match once more to try
As I hesitated one second longer
The smoke blew quickly away

As I saw the glint in his eyes quite brown
As I heard him speak some muffled words
As he laughed at my following the herds
As I tried to see what brought him
My mind returned to it’s state of inanition

As he patiently soothed my knitted brow
As he pat the seat on the dampish log
As he tried to calm my minds’ dense fog
As I slapped his hand away
I screamed at the pain

As I walk the path to the grand cliff edge
As he tries to turn me back
As my body just goes slack
As my arm is yanked I tumble
Finally my world is black

As he stands looking t’wards the sea
As he holds my woollen mitt
As he pauses before the little flit
As the gulls echo his thoughts
He takes the step to join me now

4 comments on “As I Go

  1. Liz, this is an extraordinary poem filled with such tension and imagery … it is very stark. May the inanition return to its fullness as it will – thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “after reading Patti’s poem and write up I decided to give it a try again.”

    Poetry inspires us to come and join. =)
    Touching poem, L.

    Liked by 1 person

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