E is for Elephant



 An Elephant I’ll Be

Big Brax was a gentle horse, who loved his owner through and through.

His dreams would speak of larger things and find them he should do.

Each night and sometimes in the day, these figures he would see.

They towered over many things and he wondered what they be.

He heard some people talking about the lanky tall giraffe.

He tried to mimic their actions, but  he failed, on their behalf.

Still others spoke of lions, fierce and strong with their approach.

He felt that this was something else that he would not encroach.

The dreams were always present and he could not shake them off.

He could not tell the others, for they would only scoff.

Then one day it came to him, he neighed with horsey glee.

I will be an elephant, and he walked most gracefully.

His owner watched him in the field and ran to get another.

His gait was wrong, his head hung long, he was not like the other.

Warily they walked to him and watched his strange display.

“Maybe I should call the vet, before he fades away!”

An elephant is what I’ll be you silly human being.

You should try it too, he thought, it really is quite freeing!

Just walk about and swing your head and lift your truck up high.

He shook his head in sheer defeat, as his owner walk on by.

She doesn’t understand how majestic ellies are.

I’ll have to save my dreams for when she’s riding in her car.

So if you pass a pasture and see a horse walking quite strange,

Perhaps it’s Brax just playing with his elephant interchange.




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