F is for Fromage



Fromage, fromage, I live for the taste of fromage!

I caution you well, however,  I eat it like a savage!

Whether cheddar, white or orange, or havarti or blue,

Whether sheep or goats or other ones who vocalize a moo.

Fromage is just my favourite food, chewy or baked with crunch.

It can be served at any time, dinner, supper or a brunch.

It’s great on tasty crackers, on grilled bread or scrumptious fruit.

So many flavours rest in my fridge they mingle in my snoot.

When I drop by the deli, they come running with a flair.

They offer tastes of this and that one, watching with a stare.

I purchase another fine array to lay upon a plate.

When friends drop by they wonder if I’m hosting a big fete.

Oh I wish that I could find hobby other than my cheese.

As many people turn away, with a hand wave and “Oh, please!”

Perhaps my choices are quite smelly, like Munster, I suppose.

Perhaps I’ll have to try my hand at polyphonic prose.


Photo courtesy of: http://media.npr.org/news/images/2005/oct/07/wallace_cheese200-bec1f1ddb35f1a0f9b0ca10f4fe88541c1ecddd9-s6-c30.jpg




4 comments on “F is for Fromage

  1. Is it weird that now I really want some cheese? Maybe it’s just time for dinner 😉


  2. Haha, that made me so hungry, I got myself some Wensleydale with scrumptious cranberries in it. Stopping by from the A-Z challenge 🙂


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