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G is for Galoshes

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775c                                                   Gert’s Gargantuan Galoshes


The rain fell down for three full days and the snow mixed in it too.  The puddles were half  frozen and the cool crispness stung the air.  Gert’s mother was set to baking and needed a few more items. She called for little Gert to come as she was going to send her to the store.

“Now Gert, please get only what is on the list, no gum or candy balls! I will treat you with a special cookie when you bring all these goods back. Mind put on your galoshes as it’s rather icky out.”

Gert’s happy balloon just burst. Did her mother forget those galoshes were her brothers before and they still did not fit her right? Stuffing the toes with newspaper helped for the first few steps but really it would hinder walking as she flipped and flopped.

She tried to make the best of it as she donned her coat and hat, put on the backpack to carry  home the goods. She found her funny mittens, and hoped they would make her laugh. Then she bent over those galoshes and let out a big sigh!

“I know that you will try to trip me. I know that I may fall. All I ask is that you don’t do it when anyone else is around. I don’t want kids to laugh at me, I don’t want eggs to break, I don’t want a car to hit me either, I hope we have that straight!”

So Gert found some newspaper and scrunched it up all tight. She stuffed it into the toes of the boots. “I’m almost ready, Mama. The boots are going on.” She sighed again and slipped her shoes on. She slowly lifted her foot and positioned it over the right one. She slipped her foot in and wiggled it around.

Maybe something had changed. It fit more firmly now. “Did I grow? Am I bigger? I may not have to worry about falling down!” The recipe was repeated for the other foot. Sure enough it fit better and Gert’s confidence went up!

She ran in those galoshes to the kitchen for the list. She ran outside to the first puddle and gave a happy “Yes!” They stayed right there upon her feet and it was just delicious! They did not slip and slide away or trip her any more. They didn’t cause her to drop things as she scrambled to the ground.

She finally had grown enough to walk like any other, enjoying splashing and dancing about. She ran up the stairs to show her mom how much she had really grown.

Alas, dear Gert had totally missed the whole store episode. There went the happy balloon again! Her mother complained a little then shooed her out the door. Gert still danced inside her heart, but completed her task this time.

When she returned her mother had made a cookie just for Gert. It was a girl with a gargantuan pair of galoshes upon her feet.

That girl is there no longer for she is growing big and tall. Her mother cannot get over the new mark there on upon the wall. Gert grew  2 inches since the last time they checked. Mother looked at Gert’s legs and decided clothes were next.

This process will keep going and before Gert will even know, those galoshes will be passed to her brother before he is ready to fit them right, and she will tell him of her tale of woe.  She’ll wipe away his tears, and pat him on his back, then send him on his way, laughing silently as he stumbles out the door.



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