About Liz Blackmore

Welcome to The Little Box of Books! The idea of writing has been with me since I was in my teens. That was more than a few years ago! Through the years, sidebars took me away from this passion. I just want to clarify that I am thankful for those distractions. I have  learned alot and been provided with loads of stories for the future! It was only during a bit of a lull, that my exceptional spouse of twenty some years, kicked me in the butt and told me to do something with the stories I had written years ago.

The result is my search for a publishing venue, interacting with fellow writers, an overabundance of information and doing my best to stay grounded during this ride.

We currently live in SE Manitoba, sharing our dreams with the menagerie of animals we have either rescued or saved from the reaper. We have numerous grandchildren, of which we do not get to see nearly as much as we like. Life has a way of putting our family in the right spot at the right time, however, no matter how far apart we live from each other.

26 comments on “About Liz Blackmore

  1. Hey Liz, break a leg, enjoy the journey.


  2. Enjoy the ride! And, Liz, thank you for the like on my blog!


  3. Hi Liz,
    I love your blog and what you are focused on accomplishing. I admire your ambition and the amount of time you have put into supporting fellow bloggers and writers on Linkedin. You are one in a million and I feel honored to have received several comments and support from you.

    Wendy McCance


    • Thank you Wendy. I am ‘guided’ to certain things at certain times. I never know who or what is going to be placed in front of me. It is my pleasure to serve and encourage. We only ask that you take what you need from the encounter and bloom. With more positive output, we can all be thankful for and benefit from the balance we are returning to nature.


  4. Hi Liz,
    So nice to discover you and thanks for commenting on Anne Knorr’s story: What Would I Do If I Weren’t Afraid. Your blog looks like it it going to succeed. Lots of good luck!

    Very best,
    Lois W. Stern


  5. Hi! I’ve decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award!
    I’ve written about it on my blog.

    Come join the fun with me.


  6. Hi Liz,

    You have just inspired me to write a series of childrens books based on lessons in life.




  7. Morning, Lee,
    Great, glad to see you became inspired. I have 10 in the series so far, but do not want to share them quite yet.
    Happy writing!


  8. Liz,

    I am glad you came to my corner of the internet. I always thought i would write, but life took down some interesting paths: marriage, motherhood, stuff, and I learned a great deal and hope to use what I have learned to help other moms.

    Please if you do stop by again, leave a comment, or suggestion.


    • I’m glad I came across your path as well! Yes it is funny how life takes you away from your passions, but it is letting us gather information for future fuel!I will stop by again! Thank you for stopping by!


  9. Hi Liz, look forward to the journey, how does it get better than that! Irish x


  10. Liz – I have nominated you for the Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award! Check out my blog post:




  11. Liz — Have not heard from you in a while and just wanted to know that you are OK my friend…Hugs —


  12. Hi Liz, thanks for commenting on my blog, it’s great to get someone showing an interest. It also accounts for the all the hits I recieved from Canada yesterday.I love wordpress, it brings people together, enabling them to share their words and thoughts. I’m following yours and look forward to soom good reading,
    Cheers, Laurie.


  13. Liz,
    I can relate to your ‘about you blog’ as it is very similar to my own story. I wish you well in overcoming all the little obstacles that are thrown in your way.


  14. Missing your posts, Liz! If you went through with the job change, I hope it’s is going well! 🙂


    • Hi Candace! Missing you too! Man I have alot of blogs to catch up on. I glance at tehm when I can but really need to find the undisturbed time to respond. I really thought your recent post on spiritualty was thought provoking. I have to get over there and comment. The job is going. I will leave it at that for now.
      In the meantime, thank you for dropping a line. Hugs to you.


  15. Hi Liz, I love your introduction. It made me feel as if we are kindred spirits. But then, I think all writers are kindred spirits. So glad you decided to start sharing your stories and sending them out into the world. Thank you so much for taking a stroll through the Cow Pasture and welcome to the fence jumpers! I look forward to reading your comments.
    @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles


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