My Children’s Picture Books

C is for Car Ride

                                                 We’re Going for a Car Ride   The weather was quite sunny, and my dad said he was bored. “Hey honey!”, he called out to mom, forcing open his vocal cord. […]

B is for Bucking Bronco

               Is Dylan a Bucking Bronco?   Dylan was horse, who lived happily on a farm. He thought he was a rodeo horse, but his owner had other plans. His owner loved him dearly and showed him oft’ she could. He stepped in tune to the dressage beat, but dancing […]

Starting to get my artwork together

Here are two of the characters that are in my series. I am using the new Bamboo Capture by Wacom that my darling husband surprised me with today. I would like to introduce you to Sarah and Thomas.                                                                                                        Sarah

It’s A Jungle Out There! Written by: Elizabeth Blackmore

After Papa comes home from a hard day at work, the children can’t help but wonder when they moved to the wilds of the jungle. Billy, Lark, Sarah, Thomas and Fred go on a little safari of their own. They get more than they bargained for during the hunt!