Retribution and Retrospection

I found it rather amusing that these two sections followed each other in the Book of Thoughts that I post the quotes from. I hope you enjoy these. “Old age seizes upon an ill-spent youth, like a fire upon a rotten house. – It was rotten before and it must have fallen of itself, so […]

A Quote on Age

“Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperment and health. Some men are born old and some never so.” – Tyron Edwards “Let us respect gray hairs, especially our own.”  J.P. Senn …and this last one for today is a reminfer to live life to the fullest. “Without fullness of experience, length of days […]

A Quote on Intellect

“There never was a man all intellect;  but just in proportion as men become so they become like lofty mountains, all ice and snow the higher they rise above the the warm heart of the earth.” – E. H. Chapin   What a thoughtful way to say remain grounded. On the other hand, what does […]

Tonight I Quote From the Monomania Section

“The man with but one idea in his head, is sure to exaggerate that to top-heaviness, and thus he loses his equilibrium. ” – A. Hill I couldn’t let this one go… “All mankind are crazy, said a man in the insane asylum, and I only am sane;  but they are the majority, and out-voted […]

Tonight I Quote From the Intelligence Section

“A rat runs himself ragged trying to get out of a trick cage.  With one-tenth of the energy he thus squanders an ape will find out how to get out of the same cage.  And a man will succeed with one-tenth of the ape’s effort.” – Walter B. Pitkin And the moral of this  story is…