Writing Challenges

As I Go

As the rain fell down ne’er the land As the winds blew strong in their own defence As my umbrella dutifully sprung itself tense As the snake slithered out from under the rock My goats begged for relief As their udders filled with savoury milk As the kids bleated loud out for more As the […]

A is for Apparently

  I walked to school,  the upcoming test on my mind just hung . I thought I had it all worked through, until the clock struck nine. Apparently the teacher had another class mixed with ours. For when the questions lay before me, they spoke in foreign tongue.   I tried to scratch my head, […]

“Z” is for Zillions

There are so many things have come into my life.  I cannot count them all. I shudder to think what I let slip by through self-abuse and alcohol. Those days have passed, most thankfully. Not sure how I made it through. If I look back, through that tiny crack, I see a zillion faces like […]

“Y” is for Yurt

Jamie’s Journal – Keep Out!! My yurt has been my happy home for as long as I can remember. I share it with my parents and our dog. I have a little room that I can call my own, but the really cool thing is that it’s outdoors where I roam! Our yurt is by a bush […]

“X” is for Xhosa

I pulled the an alternate “X”  story out of the web search.  This is an educational tidbit for your viewing pleasure. The Xhosa are part of the South African Nguni migration which slowly moved south from the region around the Great Lakes, displacing the original Khoisan hunter gatherers of Southern Africa. Xhosa peoples were well […]