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Seeds of Yesterday

Lately, our group had been talking about the butterfly effect. I was sent this article, written by Yehuda Berg,  who spoke of it today. I thought it was a good explanation.   It is peculiar how eventually science catches up with Kabbalah. Many technological and scientific advances discovered over the past six decades were taught, discussed […]

The Happy Tourist

“We start off in life as tourists, but often we turn into spies. Tourists come to see the good, to enjoy the journey, to notice everything this place has to offer. Tourists are upbeat, excited and happy to be visiting.  Spies look for problems, always figuring out what’s wrong, sniffing out the bad and the weak. […]

This Is Tough But It Works

The moment we decide we want to do more, a negative force comes to push us back.  Leadership and challenges come hand in hand. This because if it is too easy, then it is not real or fulfilling (remember the spiritual principle of earnership). There has to be a challenger to make the trophy meaningful. […]

I heard someone say this once before

“Imagine a day without a need for our masks. No fears or false personas. No holding back and no wanting approval from anyone!” Yehuda Berg When I listen to what writers are saying with regards to their fears, I could not help but think of the Don’t Hold Back phrase that I have posted on […]