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The Hamster

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I was inspired, once again, by Pat Garcia, to take a break from life and write something. So, once again, I had to face the challenge and put fingers to keyboard and write. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is kind of cool, actually. It has made me revisit why I started to write and why I am not allowing this one passion of mine any time lately. The following is a summarization. 

The cage. The shavings. The wheel. The food. The water.  The hamster.

How does this represent a writer? Is the writer the one in a cage, being given the essence of life, air, food and water, and a simple device, the wheel, (pen and paper, actually) in which to entertain thought and health? Sometimes, I wish it were that simple. The reality is, that the world sends zingers your way, and tries to block the very thing that makes you want to drive that book home. You know, hit that home run, create your own Picasso.

Is it possible to be satisfied, closed in a cage, and still let your imagination draw on life experiences, either imaginary or real? Possibly. Take for example a writer who lives in seclusion on a little seaside cottage, miles from anywhere. Does the solitude he faces each day, help or hinder the whole writing experience. In this case, I would think that the individual would be a fantastic fiction writer. Nature is the guide and as we cannot fathom every detail of existence, the mind is free to wander. On the other hand if he watches the unfolding wonders of nature, he could write a factual account of what has been observed. The cage and confinement did not matter.

How about the writer living in the hub of a city. Maybe fear is the guide, and a solitude is her reality.  Maybe she is brazen. In this case she breaks free of the cage and really looks at those around her. Is this the basis of a factual writers’ life? Can the pen be unleashed?  Would it allow the freedom to fabricate drama?

Recently, there was a gentleman who took on a task of taking pictures of people in a city and wrote a mini biography of each person who was willing to share their face and story. He compiled them into a book that is selling slowly, but steadily. This was his breakout. He needed to connect with others in order to be inspired. Would he have been able to fictitiously meld characters into a story? He may very well do that yet.  Was the wheel still important? I feel it was as it allowed him to assess his passions. People, photography and writing.

It is a challenge, at times, to break out of the cage and find something that could make you better. I know that I can find a zillion excuses. I also know where my passions lie, but I need the stimulation of little peoples minds to help release that inner child to keep the children’s stories grow. If I don’t, I find myself on the wheel, spinning gears but not going anywhere. Gotta break free of the wheel more often

With that being said, That wheel also gets me to thinking about the other genres I have started writing. Gotta get moving. Gotta get putting the time and effort into the thoughts. Gotta interact with other insecure writer’s!

Overall, I like my cage. I like the security it provides, but I also like to explore. So with the observance of the insecure writers who have tread before me, I will open the door.  I have to run and get some WD-40 for the wheel anyway.

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