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D is for Delivery

I was asked to sit here by the phone to wait for a secret call.

The caller was going to announce when he would make delivery.

“Delivery of what?” I asked. Not wanting to waste a day.

I was told it was a secret and had to stay that way.

I did not want to sit there, not a cell phone was in sight.

Was it someones’ anniversary or baby-on-the-way?

Or could it be a birthday gift for Joe or Uncle Phil?

I really couldn’t think of any reason for the silly guise.

As the clock marched its hands ’round the circular face,

I knew that I was going to soon have to get out of here.

Another hour passed and still no call – was it April first?

Big joke…yes, really funny…let’s see how long she’ll wait!

Was this supposed payback for something done long due?

If I were a fly on the wall, would I have heard this joke?

B-R-R-R-I-I-N-N-G-G!! It’s ringing, it’s really ringing!

“H-hello!” I yelled into the phone, “Hello and how are you?”

“It’s Sammy here, I have a parcel for you.  Can I deliver it now?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! How long will you be?” I was shaking,

He gave me ten more minutes before he’d ring the bell.

My fingernails were gone, but surely there was something else to chew.

The doorbell was ringing, I saw a shadow through the glass.

Flinging open the door, I saw Philly, my friend, standing there.

“Hey, can you come out to play?” he inquired. Then added “You okay?”

The look that I was wearing must have shown the  morning stress.

I was about to answer when a delivery van pulled up along the curb.

I rudely shoved Philly aside and ran to meet the driver.

He looked me up and down and said, “I can’t leave this, you’re a minor.”

“I’m really so much older than I appear to be. ” I deepened my voice a little.

“Really, I’m seventeen.” The driver chuckled lightly, “Hey kid I’m pulling your leg!”

He opened the back of the van and yelled out “It’s pretty big. Are you strong?”

Philly had come to join me and we said that we could manage.

He popped his head out the door and started pulling out the goods.

A helmet, a bike and an envelope.

I stood there dumbfounded, was it a gift for me?

His phone rang and the driver asked if I was Sage?

Nodding, he passed me the phone. I knew the voice, but still spoke shyly.

I smiled, from ear to ear, and passed the phone back to Sammy.

The caller stated simply that I passed this school year.

Since my bike had been  stolen, this was the best that they could do.

They hoped I liked the colour, it was one of a kind.

I grabbed the helmet, then the bike, and squealed with delight!

“Let’s go Philly! I’ve got rubber to burn! ”

It took no time for us to ride out of sight.












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