Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Four

I rather like this exercise. It helps to develop the skill of writing from a different perspective.

Part One requires a figurine or active imagination. Part Two an apple or active imagination.

Slowly manipulate the figurine. Describe the different points of view, such as what you see from the top, side or bottom view. What characteristics are the most prominent from that view?

Next, pretend that you are the figurine. What do you see as you are turned about? What do you feel?

Now let’s have a look at the apple. How do you feel hanging from the tree? How did it feel when you feel from the tree to the ground?  Pretend that you are a worm inside the apple. How could you describe what it feels like to live in the dark moist place you inhabit?  How about as you work your way out of the apple? What destiny would you, as an apple, chose?

Cut the apple in half and draw out a few seeds. How would you describe the feeling of being ‘locked’ inside the apple until you are expelled or plucked out (as from a horse)? Do you have a real life experience that you could draw from, in comparison?

I am still working on this one, as it encouragess a fair bit of writing.  Good luck little applesauce! With a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Maybe warmed up over ice cream. hmmm…



5 comments on “Going Back To The Beginning Lesson Four

  1. I love what you’re doing and how you describe your efforts and results. Keep it coming my friend. Hugs to you. :-)))


  2. Okay Liz… this definitely sounds interesting… I started with identifying myself with some ballett figurine… it was quite exhausting standing on that darn cabinet for two hours hardly breathing, frozen in that pirouette that had made me dizzy before… but after I climbed down and continued reading… when I got to the point about identifying with the worm… I have to admit I gave up…
    Am I a quitter? 😦


  3. he he he hahaha hohohoho! Can’t answer…laughing too hard! Thanks Raani! No- you are not a quitter! Stamina galore!


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